33 comments on “How to mention friends on facebook mobile version

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  4. Hi,
    It seems that sometimes the trick just does not work. I tried it with my friends on Facebook (in the comment box of one status of mine). It worked two three times. Someone has tried and failed obtaining a question mark, and since then, everytime we try, the question mark keeps appearing… Any idea of the origin of this problem?

      • Hi,
        Well, I didn’t use the friends’ photo to get the ID. But you can normally also get it from the http://graph.facebook.com by adding the username of the corresponding person. But this is not the problem I think.
        Can you for example try this one on your wall? @ [1982:] and try to do it again, and see if it works?
        Try it also for some numbers between 1980 and 2000.

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